Professional Crisis Management

In today’s complex and fast-changing world, many situations can result in a crisis for your business. No matter the issue – product defect, corporate scandal or even a natural disaster – professional crisis management mitigates and minimizes damage to your business and your reputation. The Jeff Eller Group provides the expert advice and counsel you need to navigate any crisis.

Litigation Communication

Litigation often accompanies crises and knowing how and what to communicate when dealing with legal action is a critical element of minimizing the impact of a crisis. The Jeff Eller Group has extensive experience managing litigation related communications for major crises.

Crisis Preparation

Investing in preparing for a potential crisis or challenging situation pays huge dividends. Advance planning and training ensures your team and your business is ready to execute a plan rather than having to design one in the heat of the crisis. In a crisis every moment counts. Let the Jeff Eller Group lead your company in crisis preparation planning and avoid the worst potential outcomes.

Public Affairs

Public affairs brings together a specialized blend of expertise in government relations, public policy, issue management, corporate and social responsibility as well as communications. Strong public affairs advice can make a significant difference in your business through influence on government policy, improving working relationships with key stakeholders all while building and sustaining your company’s reputation. The Jeff Eller Group’s team of seasoned advisors can map your company’s public affairs strategy for success.

Professional Media Training

Media provides opportunities to tell your company’s story especially during a crisis. Media training your spokespeople and executive team is a smart investment ensuring your company can take control of your message and leverage media opportunities at any time. Learn how The Jeff Eller Group can teach you to navigate any crisis.

Media Relations

Working with the media requires knowledge of the way journalists and editors select and shape the news. Without this critical awareness of the unwritten rules of how the media works, it can be difficult to deliver your message via the news media. The Jeff Eller Group knows the rules and how to engage the media to achieve the best outcomes.

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